Don't Cry, I'm Here... ~Rain~

This is my Original Creepypasta story, my most popular (scary) one that I put up on Quotev. Hope you enjoy! Just... Don't Cry...

Don't Cry, I'm Here...

Zee was a girl that was easy to make fun of. She had really bad eyes, always needing very strong glasses. She was tall and very thin, not to mention very weak and pale. She was the classic definition of a nerd. She was a sickly child, and nobody was ever kind to her. Her parents denied her almost everything. They thought they were a caring family, but what they thought was "protecting" her, it only made it worse for her at school.

Zee walked through the hallways, head down, trying to ignore the taunts, trying to escape into her first class. No such luck. She felt pressure on her arm, and next thing she knew, she was flat against the lockers, sliding onto the floor. Pain wracked the whole left side of her body, and her vision was going blurry. Her glasses had slipped from her face, and a heavy foot landed on them, spraying Zee with glass shards as the delicate frame smashed into a million pieces. She screamed, as the shards of glass from her glasses dug into her skin, making tears slide down her pale, thin skin like they did every day. The tall, muscular guy that has smashed her glasses now stood, laughing at her, with slutty girls and other stupid guys surrounding him. They spit insults out at her, making her already broken spirit even more shattered. She was tried to get up, only to be pushed back down harshly. She heard a very ominous rip.

She narrowed her eyes, trying to make sense of the blur, since she could barely see without her glasses. As the slutty girls kicked her sides, Zee was able to make out what the ripping sound had been. The guys were laughing, tearing pages out of all her books, even textbooks, and sprinkled them over Zee as if they were snow. They went through her backpack, destroying everything, and stealing what little money she had in there. They took her by her arms, and down barely-used hallways, throwing her out onto the gravel behind the school. Nobody ever went down there, and as usual the bullies would never be found out. The school was a very poor one, and never had the money for enough cameras to watch the campus. Zee gathered herself, glad they were finally gone. She knew what to do, it was what she did every time it got this bad, she walked home. Her clothes her rumpled, torn and tattered. She was stumbling, trying to see the right path without her glasses on, glad that she had memorized the route step by step. She rubbed her sore nose, one of the bullies had broken it when one of their kicks missed her head and hit the much more fragile target.

She pulled herself through the back door of her own house, locking it behind her. She stumbled up to her room, falling asleep on her bed. Her parents were always out during the morning, and when they came home they would no doubt wonder why she wasn't at school, and ground her again for skipping, so she would need her rest.  

When she woke up, she found her entire pillow was soaked with her tears. The tears would not stop flowing down her face. She stumbled into her bathroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Tears were still steadily streaming down her face, and there were so many that it looked like two rivers flowing down her cheeks. Zee reached up, trying to wipe her eyes, but the two steady streams would not even falter. The salty water covered her hands by then, and even covered her shirt, making her look as if her whole body was dripping with tears. She closed her eyes, trying to blink away the tears, but yet they would not falter. they never left, but when she opened her eyes, she found that the tears made her vision sharper. She no longer needed glasses, which confused her to no end. She looked again at her reflection, to see that her eyes were completely blue, no whites in the eyes, just completely blue. The tears streaming down from those blue eyes turned the same shade, as well, and she felt her mind get foggy and she felt very dizzy. She stumbled onto her bed, burying her face in her tear-soaked pillow. She could feel herself changing, she could feel something different. Hate filled her mind, nothing but pure hate.  She sat up, reaching for a razor. She hated herself for not standing up for herself. She sliced her arm. The tears raged even more for a moment, then stopped, but only for a minute. She relished the moment that those rushing tears were not making her soft skin raw. Then, the tears started flowing again, burning her raw skin. The hate raged in her mind again, but it was different this time. She was no longer blaming herself, as she remembered when she started crying, back at the school.

They made me cry! They made these tears never stop! They made my life HELL! They did this! They did this! They DID THIS TO ME! It was me, too... I didn't stop them- I couldn't stop them. I was too weak. Too small. I will get stronger, though... I know there is only one way to stop these cursed tears! If pain stops it for a minute... Then I will make them feel the pain they gave me! Every last one of them! They will never make anybody cry, ever again...

Zee stayed up all night, her sanity fleeing at whiplash speed. She rocked back and forth of her bed, her once curly brown hair was now shockingly straight with the tears having wetted it down, and the hair was no longer brown, either. It was raven black. She had changed, and she slowly stood up from her bed when the clock hit midnight.

"Enough waiting," she said to herself. "My skin is burning and raw with these relentless tears! I need the tears to stop! Stop, stop stop!" She said, grabbing the razor she had cut herself with before. Scars ran up and down her arms from other cuts, but with each cut on herself, the tears stopped for a smaller and smaller time. She hears a small voice in the back of her head.

"Yes, my Dear. You no longer need to pain yourself. Everyone that hurt you deserves to die! For each one that you kill, the tears will stop for a whole day. Kill, my dear, Kill those evil people!" 

Zee suddenly squealed with delight. She would finally be rid of these horrid tears. That voice in her head was herself, it was her small ,burning evil side that knew everything about her. She could only trust herself now, and she knew it. Zee chuckled, and her tears continued to rain down her cheeks. "No more tears. No more pain, the bad, bad people that hurt me will finally get what they deserve!" Zee walked slowly to her parent's room with the razor, standing at the end of their bed, watching them sleep. She held the razor behind her back, her head tilted slightly to one side as she watched them sleep, feeling her horrid tears still sliding down her face....


Zee had stared at her sleeping parents until they stirred. Eventually, they woke up to the feeling of her watching them. Her mother had woken up first. She looked at Zee, looking relieved when she saw it was her daughter.

"Oh, Zee, honey, its just you. Why are you staring at us like that?" her mother asked. Zee stepped towards her mother.

"I am not Zee. I am Rain. You made the tears rain down my face, mother. My face is so sore, mother, from the tears. I need them to go away," Zee had stepped into her mother's line of sight, and she could now see, with painful detail, how her daughter now appeared.

"Honey, are you alright? Why are you crying? Zee?" The razor sliced the mother's wrist as she reached out to Rain.

"My name is Rain, not Zee!" She growled, coming in close, face- to-face with her mother. "I am crying because of you,  Mother," Rain said, spitting out the word mother as if it was vile. Her mother began to cry, and this made Rain smile. Her voice became soft, and she sang her own, small poem.

"Do not cry, I'm here, my dear," Rain raised the razor to her mother's throat. "Just kidding. I want you to cry forever, and rot in hell, for never helping me, for always hurting, hurting hurting! You made me cry! Now I will return the favor!" Rain sliced the razor across the soft flesh of the woman's throat, watching as the blood ran down her skin like bloody tears. Rain squealed in delight as her tears stopped, just as promised.

"That was fun," She murmured to herself, enjoying the lifeless look in her mother's eyes. She walked over to her father, and did something a little different. She kneeled by his bedside, and began to sing.

"You made me cry ,you made me cry," She sang, waking her father up. She slowly raised the razor up to his face. "You made me cry, now time to DIE!" she sang, her father wasn't able to even scream as she dug the razor into his face, making the shape of a tear under his eyes, covering his mouth. Then, when he began to tear up, she smiled evilly, dragging the razor across his neck as well.

~~~ "Just in, Isabelle and Fred Deterro were found in their home dead in their bed this morning. The male had tears carved into his face, and a razor was used to carve words into the wall. It seems to be a poem. The wall carvings read, 'Cry cry, Die die! When I cry, you will die!' Their daughter,  Zee Aliah Deterro, is reported missing from the scene, and is the prime suspect for the crime. We still do not know why these murders were committed," was the news the next morning. They would never find Rain, she was already killing her bullies, letting her crying stop even longer. She never wanted to cry again, she just wanted to smile, and laugh, and enjoy making people die, the people who made others cry.

Eventually, however, she ran out of people that made her cry to kill. Her tears started again, her skin got raw and burnt again, she needed more people to kill, but she knew she could never kill people who didn't make anybody cry. She would only kill people who made other's cry, and she suddenly found out what to do...


Izzy felt pressure on her back, and then she was suddenly in a lake, having been pushed in by the only people she hated. The people who always bullied her, who had fun watching her cry. They laughed as she thrashed in the lake, knowing she didn't know how to swim. She finally got her feet on solid ground, and dragged herself up on land, crying into the sand. The harsh group of kids threw rocks at her, only stopping and leaving once they knew she was covered in bruises and her own blood. Izzy sat up on the sand, crying. "I want to make them pay! I'm hurting so much... I just wish somebody would make them pay!" Suddenly, Izzy felt a soft hand on her shoulder. She looked up from her shoulder, seeing a tall, skinny girl with straight, raven-black hair, and completely blue eyes. The girl was crying deep, royal blue tears, tears as blue as her eyes. "W-why are you crying?" Izzy asked, and the girl sat down by her.

"People made me cry too," the girl replied, looking at Izzy. "I can help you, I can make the people that hurt you feel the same pain they gave you," she said, reaching out her hand to Izzy, who took it gratefully. Izzy smiled sadly at her, wiping away her tears.

"O-okay... What is your name?" Izzy asked, sniffling. The girl smiled warmly, but the tears never faltered.

"You may call me Rain, and all you need to do for me to be able to help you is say something for me. I will ask you a question, and you will know how to answer, alright? Can you do that?" Rain asked Izzy, who eagerly nodded.

"Anything to get back at those guys!" Izzy replied, seeing Rain's eyes shine for a small moment.

"Good," Rain said, nodding. Then, her voice got silky soft, and she pulled Izzy into her lap, singing her question.

"Don't cry, my dear, I'm here. I'll make you feel better, don't you worry. Those bad, bad people won't hurt you anymore... Don't cry, my dear friend, I will come to you again... Those bad people that made you cry... I will let you watch them die... All you have to do, my dear, is tell me how much you want it. Do you wan to see them die, for making you cry?" The melody was slow and soft, enchanting, even. With every word she sang, Izzy felt her mind grow fuzzier. She could only hear the same words echo in her head over and over again. She knew exactly how to reply, and Izzy began to sing, too.

"I want you to kill them, they made me cry so they must die, I give you full permission to kill everyone that did me wrong, and make them feel the same pain they gave me..." Rain smiled, standing up. They were no longer at the lake, they were at the house where Izzy's bullies lived. Izzy was sitting down in a corner, and she let Rain soothe her and make her feel relaxed until all her bullies entered the room. Izzy watched as Rain slaughtered them, their blood getting all over Izzy, and she noticed that Rain's tears had stopped. Izzy wasn't sickened at the sight, she liked seeing her bullies dead. She thanked Rain, but Rain gave her an odd look.  

"Why do you thank me? I am not yet done, dear Izzy," Rain said, making Izzy's eyes widen.

"What do you mean not done? Their dead now, its all over... And, I never told you my name!" Rain just let out a soft chuckle.

"You told me to kill everyone that made you cry, so we are not done yet," Rain said, and Izzy noticed that they were now in her parent's bedroom. Izzy looked at the clock. Several hours had passed already, and it was suddenly midnight. Izy tried to move, but she found it was impossible. Rain smiled.

"Stop! Don't kill them, too! They're good parents!"

"No, they are not. Did they stop the bullying? No. They made you cry, so now they die," Rain explained, killing Izzy's parents in front of her, and making Izzy look at the bodies. "Only one more person to go," Rain said, looking at Izzy strangely. Izzy tried desperately to move, but all she could do was squeak out one word.

"Who?" She squeaked, crying. Rain smiled, kneeling by her.

"Don't cry my dear, for I am here. You made yourself cry, so you have also made yourself die. Do not cry, do not cry, I will take away your tears, you will never cry again," Rain sang, using her razor to carve tears under Izzy's eyes, and sliced her neck. Izzy's world went black, and the last thing she ever heard was Rain's voice saying;

"Don't cry, My Dear, I saved you from the tears."

Don't Cry, my dear friend... I will come to you again... Those bad people that made you cry... I will let you watch them DIE..

~Rain~ Don't Cry, Just DIE!