As she lay there, I hear sirens, police sirens.
I jump out the back window to eavesdrop.

"This girl was raped before she was killed, same with the other's, and a hole in the stomach. And the same 'Hi, I'm Thomas' on the wall in blood. Jeez."They put the body in the ambulance and left the burned down house.

Hannah sat on the couch. her parents were out on vacation, so the 16 year old was home alone. There was a sudden knock on the door.
"It's open!" Then a boy walks in.
"Hi Hannah." Hannah gets up.
"Thomas! Hi. Why are you here?" Thomas sits down beside her.
"For you of course!" Thomas pulls out a box and gets down on 1 knee.
"Will you, marry me?" Hannah frowns.
"Sorry Thomas, no." Thomas gets angry. VERY angry. His skin turns red. Both his legs split in two. His mouth widens. And, he comes at Hannah Roaring loudly.
"Oh god! Please no Thomas no!" Thomas said softly,
"Just let it happen!"