"You have to hurry before she gets you!" I told the reporter as my body racked in sobs. I was bloody and covered in cuts. "She let me live to tell you her story." I told him.

"Go on, tell me what you know." he pressed me to tell him. I cried for a bit longer before I found my voice.

"First of all she's not human." I said before I was rudely interrupted by the reporter. "She?" he asked. "Yes she, her name is Dawn Fireheart. Her story takes place when she was 13. She had brown hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, multiple scars, and was tall for her age. She was a kind child, did well in school, was kind to everyone, and was polite. One day she was singing for school, it was for a charity. Other girls were there and they envied Dawn with a burning passion. They had found out earlier that week that she would be auditioning and planned to sabotage her audition. When Dawn was singing they opened  the trap door right under her feet. Dawn screamed as she fell 13 meet under the stage. Instantly snapping her neck. As her life faded she ended up giggling and stating that this was her final act. No one ever found the body and the girls left before they got caught. As for Dawn this wasn't the end of her." I said.

"What do you mean it wasn't the end of her!" the reporter yelled. I was sitting on the floor and hugged my knees to my chest crying. He watched me until I finally calmed down again.

"Three years later Dawn came back. She was very different though. Her hair was jet black with blood red tips, she has deathly pale skin, here eyes were crimson red with small onyx black hearts in the center, her face was burned and cut in the shape of a masquerade mask. That's why she wears a masquerade mask. She also wears a pair of a dark greenish colored loose fitting jeans, a brown shirt with a pink crown on it, it has a dagger covered in roses and thorns on it, then a crimson jacket that had been ripped and stitched multiple times, black combat boots, and black leather gloves. When Dawn came back she was out for revenge and bloodshed. She found a pair of scissors, a camera, and two pocket knives. She climbed out of the trap door and headed out of the school. She found the house of the leader of the girls and just her luck they were all there. She slowly and carefully climbed in through a window. She explored around until she found their room. Then with a sadistic smile on her face she turned on the camera and walked into the room. She heard the blood curdling screams from them as they saw her. She set the camera down and simply stated "This is your final act." before giggling, which turned into laughter of a maniac. Dawn pulled out the scissors and slowly and painfully decapitated all of them. After that Dawn pulled out a knife and carved Your Final act, a heart, and an eye into their skins. Blood covered and insane she left, out looking for more victims to this day." I finished.

"You are very brave. Thank you for your help." that stupid reporter told me. I nodded slightly giggling, as I felt my hair and eyes change back to red and black. I pulled out my camera and turned it on facing the reporter. I held my scissors firmly in one hand. You have been warned, now this is your final act.