• Victim's P.O.V*

"Help me, please! Help!" I screamed to anyone, but no one heard. She crept closer to me and finally she reached up and wrapped her cold dead fingers around my neck. I struggled and looked around for any sign of help. I had almost blacked out when I heard a horn. There was a bright light and yet another honk of a horn. I looked and saw a man. He was talking quickly into a phone and the last thing I heard and saw was the man watching her try to strangle me. I woke up in the hospital with bruising around my neck. She had almost killed me. She had left when she heard the sirens. She looked only about 7 years old. Yet she was so strong. Eventually I was allowed to go home. Later that night I found a note on my chair saying 'My name is Olivia Strangler'." I finished telling the news reporter. She nodded and then finished writing it all down. Afterwards I walked to my house and went to sleep.

                    I didn't make it to morning. 
  *1 year earlier*
  • Olivia's P.O.V*

"Liv, come on!!" My best friend, Emma, said. She giggled as I walked even slower in the direction of our school. She sighed. "It's ok. The bullies aren't gonna mess with you, not if I have anything to say to it!" She said, smiling. I grinned and walked a bit faster. She looked at me smiling. "See? They'll have to knock me down to get to you!" She said and we were nearing the school yard. I giggled until she was knocked to the ground. She spluttered trying to get up but was kicked down again. "Then I guess we'll knock you down, if that's what it takes!" They said. There names Were Brian, Emily, Tye, Lily, and Brad. They had there little cool group and practically ruled the school. Anyone who said otherwise was dead meat. At the beginning of the school year I was new here. I stood up to them and now I paid the price. I was their favorite person to bully. They made sure no one was my friend, no one helped me, and no one bullied me but them. I was their punching bag, basically, and anyone who tried to bully me also got the same treatment as me. They were all about 16. Anyway, two held Emma back as the boys beat on me. They finally let Emma go and I looked at her. "Don't interfere. I don't want you hurt. Go get help." I said and she nodded. She started to run and disappeared from my sight. They were angry for me telling her that. They brought me to these woods and here they smiled at me. They took out a big knife and I screamed. They finished with the knife and then looked scared when they heard a bark. "Dang it! Police dogs! Finish her quick!" Emily said and I froze. "What?!? No you idiots! Please no! I won't tell I promise! Please! PLEASE!"I screamed but they shook there heads. "Nope, sorry!" They laughed and Brian, the leader of their group, put his hands around my neck. I started struggling but he just squeezed harder and smiled. I started clawing at his hands but they wouldn't budge. I started crying and whimpering. He just shook me. My vision started going black, and I couldn't help it. I just gave up. I closed my eyes and imagined I was going to sleep. Forever.

*2 days later*

Olivia's Creepypasta Form.

  • Olivia's P.O.V*

I woke up and saw a girl staring at me. She had black hair and green eyes. She also had someone with her. She had black hair with blood red tips. Her eyes were red with little black hearts in them. They looked like they were best friends, they were walking right next to each other. The red-eyed one giggled at me. The one with black hair looked at me and smiled. "Hi, I'm Evelyn Grace, but you can call me Evey. This is Dawn Fireheart. You can call her Dawnie. Don't be scared. We're like you." When she said that I jumped down. "I'm Olivia. Olivia Strangler. But you can call me Liv." I said. They explained who I was and what had happened. They took me to Slender's Mansion. I decorated my room and now have a best friend named Sally. I took revenge on my killers, but aside from Lily and Emily, I only kill men. I am now happy as a Creepypasta.