Chapter 1: The nightmare (Btw, to anyone reading this, I created this story. She is my Creepypasta.)

  • One Week before the accident*

Evelyn grace walked slowly home from school. She was limping as a result of the bullies at her school. She walked home silently and went to her room. Her step parents were always hanging out at there friends house, Jake. They slept there, so she saw them about 0% of the day. Her real parents were taken away at a young age, because of things they did. They were in prison for life. She walked over to her desk and set her bag down. She walked over to her mouse and fed it. Afterwards she checked her email. She almost fell out of her chair. She was a dancer, and there was a play in about a week. She had auditioned and now she had gotten the part. She picked up Lyla and jumped up and down. "I got the part, Ly! I got the part!" She said. She raced back to the school to practice with the crew.

  • Night of and one hour before the incident* She finished applying the extra makeup and stood up. She had gotten a light bruise on her cheek from the bullies. They were mad that she had gotten the part. She started towards the school. She walked in and walked towards the door that had a sign saying 'Actors this Way'. She got in and realized that it was leading to a janitors closet. Someone shut and locked the door behind her. The sign was fake!

"What? Let me out!" She said but they just laughed. It was the bullies! "No. You took our part. Now we will take it back. You will stay in here until the plays over. Then we will let you out. It's just a game." They said, walking away. She pounded desperately on the door, but it was no use. She groaned and sat down. Next thing she knew, she was dozing off. As she did, she smelled smoke and started to wake up. She heard voices. "Is there anyone in the closet?" The teachers asked. The bullies smiled. "No. Let's get out of here before the fire spreads." They said. I groaned and tried to scream for help but there was too much smoke and I couldn't breathe. I tried to knock on the door but my eyesight was going black. NO! NO! NO! NO! no! no! no! n.... 'Why me?' was the last thing she thought before burning up forever.

  • One hour after the incident* She woke up in a building that was all gray. It looked like a fire had swept through. Then she remembered. The fire. This was her school! But how? She was dead. The bullies! She would kill them! She walked to the first ones house, and they were all there having a sleepover talking about how they left her in the building, and they were smiling about it! They were all there, Jake, Owen, Mike, Shelbey, Chloe, and Ari. She walked in and locked all the doors and windows. Then she tied them up. They started looking at her and crying. She looked at them evily.

"Remember me?" She asked. They shook there heads then there eyes widened. They shook there heads again, but this time in disbelief. She nodded and began to set to work. She cut there heads off and then put them on wooden stakes. Afterwards she she drew a burning heart in blood. She also carved into there skin, the words 'It was just a game, remember'. She then left when she heard there mom come down the stairs to give them snacks. She ran into the woods after the woman screamed and called the cops. They chased her but she climbed a tree. After a while they walked back to town.

  • Evelyn's P.O.V*
I smiled but knew this wouldn't be the end. Next thing I know there is a guy on the ground calling up to me.

"Hey, you, can come down here?" He asked. Who are you. He looked familiar. I had read stories once about these people who came back. They were called Creepypastas. This guy looked like one of them named BEN drowned. "What's your name?" I asked. He chuckled. "You know who I am. BEN drowned. I'm a Creepypasta. And you are too." He said, and those words changed my life forever.

  • One month after the incident*

That's it. Your dead Jeff, and BEN. Now it's your turn to get pranked. Oh yeah. I'm a Creepypasta. BEN brought me home to Slenderman's mansion and let me get settled in. This is my new room. Anyways, BEN and Jeff were always pranking me and it was time to get them back. I walked to my room and carefully dissembled the trip wire. They had done it so many times and I always fell for it. Dawnie, or Dawn Fireheart, (my BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE) had told me about this one. She had watched them set it up. I took it to my room and cut it in half. They were downstairs playing video games and I had awhile to set a prank up. "Dawnie!" I called and she walked in. "Yeah?" She asked. Dawnie was hyper and loved pranks so she said she would love to help me when I asked her for help. "Great. We need a good one to get them back. She told me a prank that if they touched the wire paint would spill on them. I loved it. We set to work. Aside from paint we added mud and glue. Perfect. I rigged the wires while she stirred our new invention. The boys walked up right after we put the stuff away. They walked into the doorway of Jeff's room. They immidiently saw the wire and picked it up. "Nice try, but we're just too good." They said right before the stuff splashed down on them. Me and Dawnie burst out laughing. "That's what you get!" We said and walked to our own rooms. I had something I needed to do. I grabbed my killing supplies and walked to my step parent's friends house. They weren't there but I killed him. I walked to my house and saw they were burning my things. They were about to throw Lyla in! "STOP!" I screamed and they looked at me and laughed until they realized who it was. "Evelyn? Your supposed to be dead. Those bullies didn't do the job right so I'm glad they got killed. I was in shock. "You told them to kill me?" I asked and they nodded. "Evelyn, you had nothing for you. You had bad grades and no money. Your 16 without a job! You're worthless!" Chapter 2:Death chamber

  • Evelyn's P.O.V*

I brought my parents to Slenderman's Mansion and had a torture chair and a prison cell installed. The trick is, I have a key. It goes to a closet, which leads to my prison cell and my death chamber. I keep these two rooms in there. That way I can have prisoners and a little killing place. Only me and Dawnie have access. I put my parents in the cell and walked to the living room. I played video games with BEN for a while and then went to Dawnie's room. "Do you want to go catch a bite to eat?" I asked her and she smiled. "Sure. Let me change human first." We both changed into these random teen girls and headed to the town. We ate at a little cute café. This is it. We were half way through our meal when we noticed some boys staring at us. They saw that there cover was blown and walked over. "Yes?" I asked innocently. They said that they thought we were beautiful and we blushed. Fake, of course. I got up and slapped him. "Don't say that, you idiot. I have a boyfriend.!" I shouted. Dawnie giggled and we left. We changed into our natural Creepypastas and walked back to Slender's Mansion. Dawnie stopped me at the door. "You have a boyfriend? Who?" She asked. I was going to tell her that I just lied, but she would see right through my lies. "Um, yeah. He asked me out a couple days ago. I was going to tell you but he wanted it a secret until things sunk in, so yeah." I said. She jumped like five feet. "WHO??? WHO WHO WHO?!?!?!?!?!" She said. I laughed. "BEN Drowned! I had a crush on him and it appears he had one on me!!" I said. She jumped again, making me giggle. She started giggling madly and we walked in. "You can go ahead and tell everyone." I said, remembering BEN had told me that we should tell people. "BEN AND EVEY ARE DATING!!! THEY'RE DATING!! DATING! DATING!!!!!!"She ran around the house screaming that, and I laughed and just couldn't stop. Being a Creepypasta was the best thing that had ever happened to me! Chapter 3: The End

  • Evelyn's P.O.V*

I walked to my room after answering a million questions with BEN, thanks to Dawnie. I walked to my prison cells and grabbed my parents. I took them to my death chamber. I killed them and giggled about it. I went back upstairs and saw the others. I sat on the couch and held hands with BEN. I loved him. I loved my life.

                                                                                                               THE END

Evelyn's Creepypasta Photo


Lyla, Evelyn's mouse when she's in her human form. Before the fire.


Evelyn's human form before the fire.


This is Death, Evey's rat when she becomes a Creepypasta.


Her prison cell.


Her torture chair.


The key to her closet.


Her closet.